Adult Swim Store - 11:59


P r  o   j    e     c      t

Adult Swim Package Design: 11:59

C l  a   s    s

Package Design 4

I n  s   t    R     u      c       T        o         r

Thomas McNulty

D A  T   E

Fall 2017

O B  J   E    C     T      I v E

As a team of five, develop a retail store for [adult swim] to sell merchandise, along with separate sub-brands for the selling of merchandise owned by [adult swim] but that is not affiliated with their affiliated shows.

R e s u l t

The key to feeling like [adult swim] was to capture the bizarre, risque, and unorthodox tone that they are so famous for. Doing a deep dive into their variety of shows, their brand’s representation on social media, and their brand philosophy, we were able to boil down the essence of [adult swim] and from there, branch off into four unique brands with their own personalities. Each member of the design team became in charge of one sub brand. 11:59 is mine, focused on the blend of clothing and skate culture. [adult swim] being known for their affinity to collaboration, illustrations showcased on the products are by multiple different artists.