Binge Better


P r  o   j    e     c      t

Netflix’s Binge Better Initiative

C l  a   s    s

Visual Systems 2

I n  s   t    R     u      c       T        o         r

William Culpepper

D A  T   E

Spring 2017

O B  J   E    C     T      I v E

Wanting to delve in to corporate social responsibilities, the project was to pick an existing company and develop a theoretical initiative for them that would provide support and positivity to society, along with a design direction to run in tandem.

R e s u l t

Picking digital giant Netflix, the Binge Better initiative was developed and ironed out. Using an opt in service, Netflix users could choose to have advertisements come up between episodes under the premise that all ad revenue would be donated to The American Red Cross. Using the existing branding for Netflix as a springboard, a supporting system was created that remained true to the brand while being distinct enough for a clear separation between Netflix as a whole and this specific action of corporate social responsibilities.