Will This Kill Me?


P r  o   j    e     c      t

Will This Kill Me? App

C l  a   s    s

Visual Systems

I n  s   t    R     u      c       T        o         r

Megumi Kiyama

D A  T   E

Fall 2016

O B  J   E    C     T      I v E

The goal was to conceptualize and design an app that served to help people in an unconventional way. Thinking of the amount of people harking back to attuning with nature, an opportunity came forth to help those that are not familiar with possible dangers.

R e s u l t

Though the name is somewhat comical, the app was designed to allow users to take a picture, record a sound, or manually input data to find information on a possible animal or plant. From there, the user is immediately presented with a danger rating and important info on staying safe. The app was formatted and designed around the variety of ways a user may need to use it, along with features supporting the concept of remaining safe in the wild such as weather alerts and an emergency ping. Wrapping it all up in an aesthetic of earth tones and clear visuals, the final result is a user friendly life saver for every level of explorer.