Vile Beer


P r  o   j    e     c      t

Vile Beer Brewing Co.

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Package Design 3

I n  s   t    R     u      c       T        o         r

Christine George

D A  T   E

Spring 2017

O B  J   E    C     T      I v E

In an industry filled with beers advertising sunny beaches, tailgate parties, and generic bar scenes, Vile Beer Brewing Co. wanted a package design that matched their dark concoctions of sour beers.

R e s u l t

Stepping back and looking at the distinct angles that Vile had on the beer market, a special opportunity was found between their focus on sours and on having a “darker" tone of branding. Narrowing in on the concept of evil potions and witchcraft, the design direction kept every facet in line and ended with a package design unlike anything you’ll find at the beer aisle of the grocery store.

Illustration by Nakea Choy

Illustration by Nakea Choy