Design Must Seduce


P r  o   j    e     c      t

April Greiman Quote in Motion

C l  a   s    s

Type in Motion

I n  s   t    R     u      c       T        o         r

Wioleta Kaminska

D A  T   E

Spring 2018

O B  J   E    C     T      I v E

Starting with a quote about design, said by a designer that influenced the industry through the years, the goal was to create a motion graphics piece that showcased the quote in a style befitting the designer while still showing personal design choices.

R e s u l t

Quoting April Greiman, a designer recognized as one of the first to embrace computers and the digital space as a design tool, the final product is a motion graphics piece stylized to represent the 70’s digital era she was known for, and to additionally represent the “vaporwave" movement which turns an ironic light on modern day consumerism and reliance on digital media. Maintaining the aesthetic of 70’s neon colors and the stark contrast between Ancient Greek sculptures, the video clips digitally bleed together with the use of corrupting each clip and its frames before being compiled back together. April Greiman was famous for her work in the digital space and this video delves deep into the electronic medium.